Episode One Transcript

Welcome along to the first episode of Money2Byrne, I’m David Byrne and I've been threatening to make this podcast for a while but as you know with life things can get in the way. Now that I'm locked down here with the corona virus, I actually don't have the virus but I am locked down and in isolation because of it, I thought why not make the podcast now and that's exactly what I'm doing. In this podcast we're going to be looking at the lighter side of business. We're going to telling you who's worth following on social media from the world of business, telling you interesting facts and stories you never knew and most of all will be keeping you entertained with all things business. So tune in for five minutes of fury with Money2Byrne.

What? You Never knew?

Apple 9:41AM

So the first section of the show I like to call, What? you never knew? Just like the name it's going to be me telling you something that I can't believe you never knew but it is actually stuff that most people would never have heard before. This week we're going to start off with something about a mobile phone to do with Apple. Now I know a lot of people are in the Apple camp or the Samsung camp, but I actually have one of each and am very blessed to have two mobile phones, one for work, and one for pleasure. One of them is a Samsung and ones Apple. An interesting fact I'm going to tell you about apple is that in an apple advert or an iPhone advert on the press release the time was always set to either 9:41 AM or occasionally sometimes 9:42 AM. So every iPhone add you ever seen has that time on the screen, you probably never even noticed and you might ask why that is. It is because the apple launch always starts at 9:00 AM and generally the big product reveal of the brand new iPhone usually happens roughly about 40 minutes into the presentation so believe it or not it actually is 9:41AM on all the apple products. Give it a look and check it out and you'll see that im right.

Money Mentors

Jodie Glickman

So on the next part of Money2Byrne, we're going to be looking at a section of the show that I call money mentors. On Money Mentors I'm going to tell you about someone that I follow online that has helped develop my career and that I think you'd be interested in following also. This week we're looking at the CEO and founder of Jodie Glickman, whose main passion is developing leaders. I first came across Jodie on LinkedIn Learning, when she did two courses. One was on pitching yourself, so you learn how to pitch your ideas, your story and yourself, in three easy steps. She also did one called making them love you at work. I should probably watch that one again and just make them love me at work. Now they are really cool courses and well worth doing if you have access to LinkedIn Learning and she also did a TED Talk on why you should stop looking for work you love, because you always hear people saying, find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. That is great and all, but she teaches you a different angle that you don't necessarily have to find a job that you love and you don’t have to find something you're ultimately really passionate about to be successful, and to get into a job that you enjoy and make a lot of money at, and be very good at, and that's definitely well worth watching. Anyone who does follow her on LinkedIn you're in for a treat because on a weekly basis she makes videos which looks at how you can develop in your career, as both an individual and in your career in your business life, they are brilliant videos and are free and have definitely helped me look at business in a different way. I think after following her for awhile you can definitely add some strings to your bow for sure.

Hot Topic

Remote Working

So the next section of the show, I like to call Hot Topic, TISS, that wasn't actually a sound effects CD that was myself making that noise, I'm pretty impressed with that, TISS, yeah there you go very Alan Partridge, but coming up on Hot Topic, TISS, there it is again , we are going to be looking at a topic that we would describe as a Hot Topic from around the globe that everyone's talking about. Now obviously at the moment with Corona Virus, everyone's talking about Corona Virus and one of the direct factors of Corona Virus is that people are going to be remote working people are now going to be working from home and it's going to more normal. Now, I'm used to working from home, I do it a couple of times a month, so I won't say I am an old pro at it, but I have done it regular enough that I could give you a couple of tips on it because I know a lot of people are reaching out on LinkedIn and asking me questions about it, because it’s the first time they've ever done it, people are finding it very unusual to be on Skype and having to meet with their boss and their cat is scratching at their leg, looking for their dinner, that actually has happened! So I'm gonna give you my tips to best adapt in this kind of strange time that you're finding yourself in and the first tip I'm going to give you is to pretend like you are going to the office. So when you get up in the morning rather than staying in your PJs and staying in bed, I suggest get up, get dressed, do your hair, do your teeth, shower and make your way downstairs like you would if you were off to work. Obviously, you don't have to get into your car, so you give yourself a little bit extra time maybe to go have a bit of breakfast and stuff like that before getting started for work. That would be my first tip. My Second tip structure your day like you would in the office. So in the office, if you normally do a block of calls, and then a bit of admin, then another block of calls, another bit of admin, do that, do an hour block of calls in the morning, then maybe do a bit of admin and you might even be able to throw in a bit of hoovering or doing the dishes cause obviously there's perks from working from home. So you can get that done. I would advise having some kind of structure to your day, don't just go with it with a wing and a prayer that just doesn't work as well. I'd also say choose a dedicated workspace. Having a dedicated workspace, it could even be just a desk in a spare room, somewhere that you can go get your work done. Do not stay in bed, I cannot emphasise that enough the worst place you could work from when you work from home is you're staying in bed and working from there. It just doesn't work well, you have to get into the zone, you have to get focused and doing that obviously you're not used to working in bed so you'll be taking naps, getting distracted, it's just it's not good. I'd suggest getting up, and getting dressed and getting a bit of structure to your day. Another tip id give you is staying connected. We all have hopefully Skype Access where you can talk to your boss and have meetings. Set up WhatsApp groups, set up one for work, so you can discuss plans and deadlines and keep everyone in the loop on things. Also have one for your work mates. On your work breaks with colleagues, set up a WhatsApp group and have those breaks so when it comes to their say half ten and you used to go on your break with them people, everyone can take a break a half ten together and have the usual chats that you have because obviously it is a tough time on everyone at the moment so keeping as much normality as you can is good to be doing even if you are working at home. I suggest trying to keep in constant contact with the people who you're used to working with on a daily basis. Another one I would say is taking clear breaks. Give yourself all 15 minutes to have your chats and finish at the time it normally would finish. Do not find yourself on your laptop at 10:30 at night. Now obviously different occasions, I do it myself, you might work on a bit later in work. Say you already finished at half five and you're on the laptop until half six, that's okay, it's a little bit over but don't be staying on until half 10 at night. You need to give yourself some clear direct work times, because people often think people working from home that they do nothing at all but the fact of it is you'll end up doing more if you are not disciplined and tell yourself “at 6:30 is the latest I'm knocking off” you'll find yourself with your laptop open and you look over at the clock and it's half ten. So that's what I'd suggest doing is just giving yourself clear deadlines and times to get stuff done including finishing. They are my top tips for working remotely. If any other questions feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn at David W Byrne you can also follow my content under the Money2Byrne hash tag. So reach out if you have any other questions on this hot topic or anything else to do with the show.

No More Funny Business

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Next on the show I have a section that I call No more funny business. I'm going to tell you some funny stories about businesses from around the globe. Now the next story I'm going to tell you is a story that's going to give anyone out there that has a crazy idea (and I've got plenty) to make their fortune, this might actually just make you a lot of money. The first story starts out with a 22 year old entrepreneur called Matthew Carpenter and he created a website as a bit of a joke and a laugh and he called the website I Ship Your Enemies Glitter. So basically the idea behind the premise, was that he would fill envelopes full of glitter and he would send them to your enemy and when they would opened the envelope, obviously glitter would go everywhere and they would have to pick it up. The website went for viral overnight and got $20,000 worth of orders. The thought of auto filling envelopes full of glitter would be pretty daunting I have to say, it would not be something I'd not like to do myself, maybe for $20,000 I would consider it, well luckily he didn't have to because he actually decided to sell the business and someone bought the website off him for $85,000.So amazingly within a week of launching that idea he had $85,000 in the bank and I Can tell you he was a very happy man. Just a little lesson this week on our no more funny business that even the most crazy ideas can make you a lot of money.

So we've come to the end of the first episode of Money2Byrne, I hope you all enjoyed it, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn my name is David W Byrne on there and you can also follow all my content and anything that I see online that I feel is worth sharing under the hash tag #Money2Byrne. Look forward to talking to you soon stay safe and stay happy but most of all stay lucky.

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