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Updated: Feb 16, 2021


I was training someone new on the team today and we got talking about customer service and how doing a little something extra for someone can have such a big impact. It reminded me of a story that an old boss told me about the importance of Personalization when it comes to Customer Care.

It comes from a study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, in which they tested the power of Mints. The way in which a Waiter gave Mints to a customer after their meal, increased their tips by up to 23%.

Firstly, those who gave a mint but made no reference to it, got an increase of 3%. Waiters who made reference to the mints by asking "Would anyone like mints before they leave?" got an increase of 14%. Finally, waiters who gave mints with the bill, left the table, and returned a short time later with more mints for everyone declaring "I thought you would all like some more mints" saw an increase of 23% in Tips given to them. The last two interactions may seem very similar, but the difference is that the personalization is what triggered the increased tips.

Leaving the table, coming back, and making sure that the customer left fully satisfied ended with better experience for both waiter and customer. This is applicable to all Businesses, because lets face it, who doesn't like being made feel special.

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