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Money2Byrne is the Podcast that looks at the Lighter side of Business.


A nice mixture of laughs, Business Facts you never knew, hot topics from the world of business and so much more.


If you want a light hearted show that will make you feel relaxed and chill



Pocket Change

Money2Byrne Pocket Change is a mini version of the main Money2Byrne show just enough to keep you company while you make a cup of tea.

Money2Byrne Pocket Change is perfect for those on the go who want a quick show.

From funny to formal, you never know what topics will be covered in Money2Byrne Pocket Change.



Coffee with...

Money2Byrne Coffee with" are episodes in which I sit down and have a chat and a coffee with people from various different career backrounds. From Nurses to Athletes, from TV Stars to Astronauts you never know who I may be having coffee with next.