The Host

Image by Sarah Dokowicz

My names David W Byrne and I am very blessed to be from Dublin Ireland. Some call me Dave, others call me Wally, but as I always say you can call me what you like as long as you dont call me late for supper. I got the name Wally when I was doing stand up at the age of 18 in some of the finest venues in the land. Performing stand up comedy to a packed Dublin Castle is not even in the top 10 things that I have done in life that would make most weak at the knees. The most daunting challenges come when we do not put our hands up to do something but life throws it our way anyway, that is what really moulds you into a strong minded human being. I studied Journalism and Radio Broadcasting in college before working various sales and business roles across many areas. I am well versed in Marketing, Branding, Sales and Social Selling. I have merged all my skills together an have decided to use Money2Byrne as a place to share tips and tricks on all things Business as well as having some fun along the way.